Tailor-made vibration and magnetic technology

Thanks to the knowledge collected over decades and a broad know-how in application and process engineering IFE can perfectly address the specific requirements of the foundry technology. The results are tailored solutions which seamlessly integrate into the operation of a foundry and reliably perform their task in that harsh working environment. These include among others charging feeders, fluidbed-systems, casting coolers, lump breakers and sand coolers.

Vibration technology
Conveying, screening or cooling - IFE vibration technology offers a wide range of solutions for the foundry sector. A vast pool of experience and a distinct spirit of innovation create unique, durable solutions.

Magnetic technology
Electromagnetic and permanent magnetic separators from IFE are used to recover ferrous parts from foundry sands or to separate magnetic foreign material. With various options such as additional wear protection, ATEX design and much more, the specific customer requirements are reliably met.

Machine solutions for Foundry Technology

Spiral elevator
vertical transport of fine bulk material

Shake-out grid
for unpacking foundry sand
from molding boxes

Resonance conveyor
for the transport of bulk goods
over longer distances

Electromagnetic overband separator
with very strong and deep magnetic field

Permanentmagnetic overband separator
for efficient seperation of tramp iron

Magnetic drum separator
a flexible solution

Magnetic pulley
tramp iron seperation through magnetic head pulley

Eddy current separator
efficient non-ferrous metals seperation

Vibrating feeder with unbalanced drive
for conveying bulk material

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