Challenges in processing ferrosilicon slag

Ferrosilicon (FeSi) has a wide range of applications in ferrous metallurgy and after manufacturing, it is sold in the form of lumps, grains or powder.

The slovak company KOVOHUTY Dolný Kubín, s.r.o., is one of the largest producers of ferrosilicon powder in Europe. By remelting, casting and atomizing metallic and non-metallic materials, atomized or milled ferroalloy powders as well as non-ferrous copper and tin based powders are produced within the plant.

Melting process at KOVOHUTY

Challenges in the treatment of FeSi45 slag

The company’s task was to find a suitable process for recovering ferrous heavy metals from FeSi45 slag.
The pure FeSi45 fraction, which is considered to be non-magnetic, is used as powder for the production of welding electrodes, for example.

IFE material tests with meaningful results

Since the partially ferrous slag includes magnetic elements, material tests were carried out on various magnetic drums at the IFE test center as a first step. The evaluation of the customer’s laboratory results demonstrated, however, that there was excessive iron oxide deposition from the FeSi45 slag. But this oxide is not suitable for further processing.
In a second step, a test series with the fine sorting system IFE-SORT was carried out showing excellent results!
Around 47 % of the FeSi45 slag was successfully separated from the ferrous heavy fraction by means of density sorting. The analyses carried out at the customer's laboratory yielded a recovery quota of 98 % of the metal content.
The hopper discharge that was in operation on site provided further optimization potential. In this context, the IFE engineers recommended installing a vibrating feeder with electromagnetic drive to ensure continuous dosing of the FeSi45 slag.

Ever since, this pre-product in the plant has been discharged from the hopper by an IFE vibrating feeder, dosed, and separated into a heavy and a light fraction by the fine sorting system IFE-SORT.


IFE-SORT – versatile and flexibly adjusted

The standard design of the IFE-SORT consists of a basic machine with a perforated screen plate. It is driven by two unbalanced motors and a fan. The easy and quick setting options incl. angle and amplitude of vibration, inclination, speed and fan power enable the machine to be perfectly adapted to different industries and materials.

3D representation of IFE-SORT

We test your material and find the best solution for you!

As a result of internal material tests and the ability to re-think proven solutions, IFE material handling was able to make the production process more efficient and at the same time increase the purity of the FeSi45 slag.

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