SUCCESS STORY - Plastic recovery at 98 %

Plastic, paper and cardboard are often processed in a wide variety of packaging materials as well as household articles. To ensure that the plastic contained in this mixture can be recycled and fed back to the production process without any problems, it is essential to guarantee an extremely high degree of purity for this fraction. The IFE Test Center quickly found an efficient and target-oriented solution for such a material handling task of an international customer.


After an overall analysis of the material handling process a customized test scenario was developed. The customer was able to experience first-hand how two big bags with the shredded material passed through this scenario.

1. Density separation

Screening analysis

First a hopper extracted the dry material with a grain size of 10 mm on an IFE-SORT. With the help of this air separation table it was already possible to gain almost 96 % of the plastic fraction. At the same time the machine parameters such as the machine width, which are necessary to achieve the required throughput of 1.2 t/h, were also determined.

2. Screening

Installation in use

With the adjacent linear motion vibrating screen a further 53 % plastic (2 % of the total mass) could be filtered out of the remaining fines. With the flexible test setup it was possible to determine the degree of purity exactly after each process step. In the meantime the success of the test run has been confirmed time and again.

An IFE-SORT, a circular motion vibrating screen with a vibrating feeder ( electromagnetic / with unbalanced drive ) and a hopper with a level indicator have been in operation at the customer's since then. There they are still reliably performing their material handling tasks.



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