BAT conclusions for waste treatment released

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The Industrial Emissions Directive of the European Union* includes the stipulation that operating facilities (including waste treatment plants) are only approved if there is no hazard to the environment. Furthermore, particularly hazardous facilities, known as IPPC treatment plants, must pursue this goal using the best available techniques (BAT). The European BREF data sheets (Best Available Technique Reference Documents) are used as a benchmark for the state of the art of technology.
In December of 2015, a first draft of the revised BREF waste treatment data sheet (BREF-WT) was issued by the EU. It includes the mechanical, biological and chemical treatment of waste.
IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH even collaborated on partial aspects of the rough draft in corresponding sections. The BAT conclusions of revised BREF-WT were finally adopted by the European Parliament in April of 2018.
The Publication of the BAT conclusions in the Official Journal of the European Commission, marking the beginning of the implementation period, finally took place on 17.08.2018.
What does this mean for plant operators?
Plant operators will now have one year to check whether their IPPC treatment plants still correspond to the state of the art of technology, and in particular to the requirements of current BAT findings. This review is an obligation of the operator and thus compliance is mandatory. If a need for an adjustment is apparent, corresponding measures (incl. approval and modification) must be implemented within four years.
The very complex problems of the recycling and waste treatment industry require specific solutions. Among them, special IFE products have been firmly established for a long time. In combination with constant innovation, a sophisticated and field-proven technology has led to a series of developments specifically adapted to market requirements in this field. More information about IFE recycling technology can be found at:
* Industrial Emissions Directive 2010/75/EU (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control= IPPC)
Text source: See IUT statement BATs MBA & VOEB internal no. 05.2018, page 26

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