Construction and demolition waste recycling

According to the article “Good as new” in the may issue of the trade journal "The Construction Index Magazine", contractors operating in the south-west of England have no excuse to send waste from their sites to landfill anymore now that a £4m recycling plant has opened on the outskirts of Bristol. The plant was built by IFE's long standing partner TURMEC. 

ETM Recycling

As reported in the article by Amy McCormack, head of the recycling department of ETM, this new plant is the only one in the south-west that can process construction and demolition waste to that degree. The plant extracts every last piece of recyclable material, McCormack explains, right down to individual nails.  Clean hardcore and wood are major revenue-streams for ETM, the article reveals. Clean hardcore goes straight to the company´s own quarry. “Grade A” wood material is chipped and re-used as horse bedding while the majority of the remaining wood material is shipped for biomass fuel. UPVC window and door frames are also picked out for recycling. [1]

Waste processing technology made by IFE

The installed IFE screening machines (TRISOMAT flip-flop screen and waste screen) produce well sized, loosed and spread fractions for further efficient treatment on the plant. They are used for fines removal too. Four IFE magnets pick out the ferrous metal objects (e.g. nails) and the IFE eddy current separator brings out the valuable non-ferrous metals like aluminium and copper. The supporting IFE vibrating feeder is used for spreading and preparing material in loose condition to enable efficient separation on the ECS and on all following aggregates.


Building site ETM Recycling plant with IFE screens for non-clogging screening of C&D and C&I, IFE magnets for the extraction of FE and eddy current separator for NF extraction


IFE overband magnet separator to pick out ferrous metal objects and original IFE waste screen deck especially designed for the waste sector

Source: [1] – free access limited 



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