Diploma thesis “screen panel monitoring VARIOMAT" successfully completed

f.l.t.r.: Stefan Schörkhuber, Georg Mittermayr and Güven Yilmaz (IFE)
The proven design of the IFE waste screen upper deck combined with the new resonance system VARIOMAT of the lower deck provide for an extraordinary double deck screen.

In the context of a cooperation between IFE and HTL Waidhofen (school for higher technical education), a sensor prototype for early detection of worn screen panels was constructed for this type of screen. If a panel needs to be replaced, the sensor sends a signal to the machine operator in time, so that he is able to protect the machine from damage, which minimizes downtimes.

For the development of the sensor prototype, a fully functional model of the machine was assembled and different sensor principles were realized and tested. Thereupon a prototype was developed, which also delivers promising results on a real screen.
Cordial congratulations to the students for successfully carrying out the project as well as passing the exam, especially to Mr. Güven Yilmaz, who completed the education alongside his professional activity as an electrical engineering designer at IFE.

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