Efficient Machine Solutions for Processing Waste Wood

Permanent magnetic separator, feed chute and centric eddy current separator for cleaning waste wood
In the article "Efficient Machine Solutions for Processing Waste Wood" , you will learn more about the classification of waste wood by means of screening and sorting as well as the metal contaminants separation from used wood.
Numerous application examples included:
  • TRISOMAT Flip-Flop Screen as a Wood Dust Screen and for Control Screening of Chips
  • IFE-SORT Universal Fine Sorting System for Generating Pure Wood Fragments and Metal-Rich Fragments
  • Double-Deck Waste Screen For Processing Railroad Ties
  • Non-Ferrous Separator and Vibrating Feeder for Separating Contaminants from Wood Fragments
  • Semi-Mobile Eddy Current Separator for Processing Wood Chips and Waste Wood
  • Magnetic Drum Separator for Separating Iron from the Wood Chip Feed
  • Ferrous/Non-Ferrous System for Cleaning Waste Wood

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