Heavy-duty vibrating drive for the mining industry

The robust drive for use in harsh environments

In the mining industry, electromagnetic drive units are commonly used for vibrating feeders. Nevertheless, there are special situations in which drives reach their limits due to e.g. structural limitations or customer requirements.
To counter this, IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH has extended the drive sizes in the electromagnetic sector to a maximum and has repeatedly manufactured and successfully deployed the largest electromagnetic drive unit type TS2000.
A typical application field is coke production. In a specific use case, coke cooling should be done by gas instead of water to minimize water consumption and coke quenching costs. For this purpose, the coke is filled from above into a high silo and continuously discharged at the foot with the aid of a vibrating feeder. Since the cool gas is blown against the conveying direction, the entire conveyor unit is under a constant pressure of up to 10 kpa. In order to keep the points to be sealed as small as possible (only the in- and outlet), the vibrating feeder must be built with completely resonant chute. However, this fact leads to a very high weight of the conveyor trough, which brings conventional electromagnetic drives to their limits.
In addition, the customer-specific requirement was to be able to dose the power from 0-100 %. The use of a purely mechanical drive is therefore excluded because it can not be reduced to less than 40 % power during operation due to the natural frequency problem.
With the help of the largest electromagnetic drive type TS2000, which allows payloads of up to 2500 kg, these processing challenges could be optimally solved! IFE supplies the necessary know-how for the design and dimensioning of tailor-made solutions for the treatment of all types of bulk materials.
Further information can be found here: Vibrating feeder with electromagnetic drive

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