IFAT – Back in (black) orange

It was a long-awaited and warm reunion of the recycling industry at IFAT 2022. There was a lot going on at the IFE booth - the interest of the visitors in the 4 material handling highlights was enormous.

Fine sorting system IFE-SORT

Many now see the fine sorting system IFE-SORT in a completely different light. Visitors could playfully help the mascot "Fred" to separate different, fine bulk materials with the IFE-SORT. Thanks to the numerous adjustment options, which could be discovered, the IFE-SORT can also respond optimally to changing material properties in reality. It is therefore very versatile.

Magnetic drum separator KHP-Z

With a live demonstration on the other side of the booth the magnetic drum separator KHP-Z shone in a task that so many others fail at - extraction of stainless steel from a PET flakes mixture. Magnets made of high-performance iron-neodymium-boron alloys also allow weak and medium magnetizable materials to be separated efficiently.



With the Vibrosense sensor and app, we presented an absolute novelty of our product range. It forms the starting point of our new product division IST Smart Technologies. Mounted on a small vibrating feeder at the magnetic drum, visitors could see for themselves the first time how easy the vibration analysis tool is to use. They also got a sneak peek of an upcoming extension of our digital portfolio: the IST Workbench – a dashboard for remote analysis. You could already call up the measurements of the exhibition machine via a touchscreen.


The 4th highlight was already well known to visitors from the organic waste recycling sector: the AEROSELECTOR. The integration into an IFE compost processing line with flip-flop screen, magnetic separation and feed bunker brings even further advantages. In one work step you get all the important fractions from the raw compost - plastic foils, stones, structural material, metals and also more ready for sale compost. Many visitors took the opportunity to exchange ideas with our experts on site.

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Donation goal met!

IFE used its presence at IFAT also for a good cause. By playing the IFE-SORT-Game, visitors were able to earn a total of € 4,300 in donations. With this amount, which is donated to the association “Ferien ohne Handicap” (Holidays without Handicap), 10 severely handicapped children and teenagers can now spend an eventful day of vacation.

After IFAT is before IFAT

Online at www.ife.show there is still the opportunity to take a closer look at the IFE trade fair highlights or to share the trade fair experience with colleagues. Also, the IFE-SORT-Game is still available there. The IFE trade fair team would like to thank all visitors and is already looking forward to seeing you again at IFAT 2024!

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