IFE sets up subsidiary

Two-part castings cooler from IFE with a total length of approx. 55 meters.
Two-part castings cooler from IFE with a total length of approx. 55 meters.

In order to better position itself in the foundry machine market, IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH has set up a joint venture together with the plant manufacturer Küttner. The existing market potential underlines the decision to merge the two companies.

The subsidiary operates under the name KÜTTNER SCHWINGTECHNIK and is based in Waidhofen an der Ybbs / Austria as well as in Essen / Germany. Küttner ideally complements IFE's decades-long experience in the field of vibration technology with its well-developed competence in the building of material handling systems for foundries. The fields of project management and sales will be integrated in the Küttner network, construction and manufacturing remain at IFE in Waidhofen, due to the existing infrastructure.

In the last few years the two companies have revolutionized the manufacturing of foundry machines and have created a new generation of electronic controlled shake-outs, castings coolers and other special machines. The result of this successful cooperation is the new, commonly founded company KÜTTNER SCHWINGTECHNIK. IFE benefits from an extended access to the market, as well as from the possibility of serving it more holistically. These prerequisites form the basis for a successful conquest of the foundry machine market.

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