Small, broken, electric?

Source: Fotalia

Old electrical appliances must be collected and recycled!

We're often not aware that our old electrical appliances contain true treasures. Studies show that in one ton of discarded mobile phones there is more gold available than can be obtained from a ton of ore from a gold mine. This is why it is so important that your electrical appliances (alarm clocks, shavers, chargers, remote controls etc.) don't end up collecting dust in drawers or land in the residual waste stream, but are instead handed over free-of-charge to the waste collection center.

Especially the small appliances contain many valuable substances but also high concentrations of pollutants that can pollute the environment. Hazardous components such as mercury switches, batteries or capacitors are separated from the devices and disposed of. Valuable scrap (copper, brass, aluminum, etc.) are returned again to the materials cycle by means of special processing methods. Plastics from covers or housing parts are also collected, granulated and thus returned to the production circuit (source: GDA Öhling).

IFE special products have long been an established name in the area of processing technology. You can learn more about machines for the processing of small electric appliances in the sector Magnetic Technology on the homepage.

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