Important system component for Russian waste treatment facility

Blockage-free screening of household waste

As part of a large-scale project for the treatment of household waste in Russia, the largest IFE waste screen (3000 x 8000 mm) will also be installed within the plant.
The project includes the operation of an automated and state-of-the-art Russian Materials recovery facility with a capacity of 150,000 t of household waste per year and a landfill of non-recyclable waste with a volume of at least 160,000 t per year. The plant concept includes the process steps: domestic waste sorting and recycling, production of a wide range of recyclable materials and disposal of non-recyclable waste. (Source:
Were clog-free screening together with a very high volume of feed material is required, as in case of household waste treatment, the IFE waste screen represents the optimal solution. The cascaded screen panels, which are used to effectively circulate the material, have a louvered construction with the largest possible open screen area. This ensures a virtually blockage-free screening.
Additionally installed finger bars provide a substantial material loosening and prevent the covering of the open screen surfaces by large-area materials (such as foils).
In the current application, the waste screen is used for the screening of 35 t/h of residual waste (grain size 0–300 mm) with the usual additional advantages:
+ oil bath lubrication for long bearing life and + robust stationary cover in CE-version for the most trouble-free and simplest possible maintenance of the screen surface.
Thus, highest screening performance and maximum output quality are guaranteed!
Further information about the IFE screening technology portfolio for the recycling industry:

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