Is Your Fertilizer as Good as Your Spreader?

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The highest mechanical requirements are a prerequisite for efficient scatter.
Steady flow through the spreader, large scatter range, good cross distribution and reliable results under all conditions – the spreader performance depends on the density and size of the grit, which has to be monitored closely by fertilizer manufacturers.

Density: With the same diameter, denser particles are scattered across a larger distance. The density therefore has an impact on the delivery rate and the working width. The density of a fertilizer is not allowed to vary.

Size: Two parameters are used to define size: For identical densities, larger particles are scattered further, as they are heavier. The distribution of sizes (grain size range) provides the variations in diameter between the smallest and largest particles. If the variation is too large or too small, the bandwidth of the distribution is not ideal.  Source:

IFE provides the right solution to meet requirements for high quality. The    video from the IFE Test Center shows how potassium chloride is fractionated by the IFE SIZER into ideal, customer-specific grains.

The advantage of the IFE SIZER compared to other systems is that the IFE High Speed Drum can fractionate product on a smaller screen area at high power. The end product required for this application (2-4 mm grit) is provided at high speed in a small space.

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