Mixed construction waste classification

IFE delivers the tenth copy of the largest possible waste screen (3000x8000 mm) to Ireland

Mixed construction wastes are non-mineral substances from construction activities that also have slight fractions of other substances. Examples of typical construction site wastes include building aids, construction supplies or packaging waste.*1
Experience from more than twenty years in the processing of wastes has shown us that with this type of heterogeneous mixture, which often contains fibrous or sticky material, it is essential to select a suitable screen for the classification.
In the past, sorting plant operators have repeatedly described the challenges they face: bulky items contained in the material to be sieved, such as wires and long thin scrap pieces (e.g. structural steel), would cover over or interfere with screen openings. In addition to this, a “braiding and roll formation” effect also occurred due to ropes and cords, among other things. The screen openings were also regularly covered over by films (brick packaging, etc.). In addition, the openings tended to clog, especially since sticky screening material such as waste tends to agglomerate.*2,3

In order to provide a solution to these challenges, IFE developed the waste screen in 2002, the first recycling screen designed to significantly influence the treatment of waste. The cascaded screen panels, which are used to effectively circulate the material, have a louvered construction with the largest open screen area. This ensures a virtually blockage-free screening. Additionally installed finger bars provide a substantial material loosening and prevent the covering of the open screen surfaces by large-area materials (such as foils). The number of 350 waste screens sold worldwide speaks for itself.
Even in the current application, where clog-free screening is required with a very high volume of feed material, the IFE waste screen represents the optimal solution. In the example mentioned, it is used for pre-screening of 70 t/h of construction waste (0-250 mm) with the usual additional advantages:
Oil bath lubrication for long bearing life and robust stationary cover in CE version for the most trouble-free and simplest possible maintenance of the screen surface.

In the field of fine screening, where conventional screening machines such as linear or circular vibrating screens have reached their limits, the IFE TRISOMAT flip-flop screen with flexible screening mats is used. It is used for the classification of difficult-to-screen, sticky or moist materials in separating cuts of approximately 2 to 20 mm. Tensioning and loosening of the Screen panels produces a self-cleaning effect.

IFE is the only manufacturer that offers complete solutions in the product areas of conveying, screening and magnet technology. IFE supplies the necessary know-how for the design and dimensioning of custom solutions for the treatment of solid waste of all kinds, such as mixed construction waste.

Photo: 3D model with typical delivery scope: Counter-vibration frame and stationary cover, as well as optional steel construction and platforms

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