Domestic waste processing in the Netherlands

Application example

In order to enable efficient screening in the case of difficult-to-screen feedstocks, the use of special screening machines is an ecologically sensible variant ( The challenge of screening is, on the one hand, that very fine material is difficult to separate (separation layer in this case 60 mm) and, on the other hand, that the material has an increased moisture due to the organic fraction.
Thus, the risk of adhesion to the screen linings must also be prevented. The high fraction of plastic films and wires can also lead to clogging of the screen linings.

High throughput and effective self-cleaning of the screen panels as well as corresponding dynamics in the screen decks are essential to counteract the clogging.

The IFE waste screen was used here (conveying capacity here approx. 63 m³/h, bulk weight approx. 0.3 t/m³). Through the parameters
- very high working torque
- high oscillation width
- and high acceleration,
it achieves the prerequisites described above for a successful Separation
of the materials and their subsequent processing. The easy accessibility also ensures minimal maintenance expenses and short downtimes.

You can find more information on IFE waste screens here:

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