New representatives for the USA

ZARS and SICON - ideal partners for our representation in the US market.
ZARS and SICON - ideal partners for our representation in the US market.

With the companies SICON and ZARS IFE found two ideal partners for its representation in the US market.

SICON is specialized in the conception and construction of metal recycling plants. Since the contract was signed on April 29th this year, SICON represents IFE in the US-American and Mexican scrap market.

SICON is a global plant designer and constructor for the recycling industry, especially active in the fields of scrap handling and waste processing of end-of-life vehicles. SICON features a global network of customers and potential customers in the scrap and steel industry and thereby also has expertise in scrap processing. SICON particularly distributes machines and systems for metal sorting.

Moreover SICON features its own sales company in the US as well as a far reaching network of representatives worldwide.

Owing to the business relationship with IFE another partnership between SICON and our Canadian representative EUROTECH grew. This allows IFE to serve the North American market holistically and to gain new orders.
The company ZARS, Zimmer America Recycling Solutions, has worked in the plastics and recycling industries for many years and has gained plenty of experience in these industries. Besides the expertise also the existing customer network of ZARS is worth mentioning.

With its roots in Austria and the company headquarters in Spartanburg (South Carolina) ZARS manager Roland room is an ideal partner for IFE.

IFE and ZARS want to react to the increasing demand for environmental and recycling technology in the North American market. "Our customers in North America will benefit from this partnership. By expanding our product range and know-how we can any gaps in the recycling process of our customers fill," says Roland Zimmer.
Helmut Tröbinger, Head of Project Management, Marketing and Sales at IFE adds: "Room has proven itself as an experienced partner in the field of environmental and recycling technology in North America We are pleased to expand our activities in the US market together with ZARS.." On this basis, the signing of the contract will take place soon.

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