New Waste Framework Directive to Change Recycling Sector by 2030

Legislative proposals adopted by European Parliament

According to four legislative proposals adopted by the European Parliament in March 2017, up to 70 % of household garbage is set to be recycled across the EU. The rate is 44 % currently, with Austria clearly a pioneer in terms of waste separation. The Waste Framework Directive also aims to virtually eliminate landfills by 2030. In the future, only 10 % of household garbage should be sent to a dump. Source: Der Standard newspaper

For the recycling specialist IFE, this means there will be an even greater demand for the company’s equipment. So, it is important to prepare now for the coming waste streams, in order to fully exploit the market potential.

The future will show whether the mountains of garbage of the member countries will shrink or if the great potential of the “slumbering” sources of raw materials will be used.



Facts about landfills:
Pros: Cheap, fast
Cons: The materials found there only decompose slowly. Hazardous materials can get into the groundwater or contaminate the environment in other ways. Raw materials that would be reused as part of the recycling process fall out of circulation and are lost for new products. Energy sources such as paper, plastic, etc., which could at least be used for generating heat or electricity, are also treated as waste and deprived of their usefulness. Source:

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