No chance for tramp iron!

Smooth ore processing due to IFE magnetic separators

Wherever the recovery of iron parts is required or whenever machines have to be protected from damage by tramp iron, magnetic overband separators have proven themselves.

USE CASE steel mill Trinecke Zelezarny, a.s.

In the Czech steel mill Trinecke Zelezarny (1000 t/h, approx. 3 million t/year), tramp iron parts contained in the material flow threatened to damage downstream units. As a result, smooth ore processing could not be guaranteed. To date, the disruptive iron parts have been separated by completely switching off the production lines and manually removing them, which meant significant additional efforts and costs.

The challenge was to separate the unregularly occuring tramp iron elements quickly and safely from the material stream in order to protect the downstream processing equipment. IFE electromagnetic overband separators perfectly match with these requirements.

Two metal detectors (provided by the customer) transmit a signal to the new IFE magnets after detection of tramp iron parts. The separators reach their full operating performance within a few seconds and attract the disruptive iron parts. A specially designed pole extension lengthens the magnetic field and expands the ejection point of the electromagnet. Subsequently, the tramp iron can be transported easily onto a screen grid (provided by the customer). It remains there and can be removed whenever this is required. The magnetic iron ore, which is also discharged, falls through the grid and therewith returns into the process. There is no need to switch off the production lines, which minimizes downtimes.

Instead of a magnetic separator, a screening machine could have been used as well. Due to the spatial limitations of the steel plant, that option was not suitable in this case.

TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s. (hereinafter referred to as TŽ) is a company with the longest tradition of metallurgical production in the Czech Republic. It was founded in 1839. Throughout its long history, the company has become one of the most important iron and steel works in the former Czechoslovakia and later also in the Czech Republic. Today, TŽ is the most important subsidiary of the joint-stock company MORAVIA STEEL and the largest Czech iron and steel works with Czech capital. The production of coke, raw iron, steel and rolled material in combination with the production of accompanying products forms a closed metallurgical cycle. TŽ's share of total annual steel production in the Czech Republic is one third. (Source:


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