PET flakes processing

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) can be recycled without leading to a gradual deterioration in quality. In contrast to other plastics (PP, PE, PS), PET is used without fillers additives only get into the plastic matrix for colouring.

To be recyclable, however, it is necessary to remove all foreign components (e.g. metal closures, labels, incorrect throws) from the shredded PET fraction. If the required raw material is not available in a clean form, the temperature control during the melting process can be endangered or the die of the extruder can clog.

The IFE magnetic technology product range offers a number of suitable technical processes for efficiently separating ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants. Convince yourself of how IFE devices can enrich your PET processing measures and help you to obtain well sorted and metal-free PET fractions.

1. Feed material

The fine fraction < 10 mm that occurs in plastics processing is fed to the IFE-vibrating feeder with unbalanced drive, in order to ensure a continous and evenly dosed material feed.

2. Magnetic separation

The ferromagnetic product contained in the PET flakes is separated by means of a permanent magnet drum with alternating polarity around the perimeter and is discharged separately from the material flow.

3. Eddy current separation

After passing the magnetic drum, the Fe-separated fraction is forwarded directly on the eddy current separator INPx VIOS.

This eccentric eddy current separator generates an unprecedented repulsion force in the non-ferrous parts to be separated with an absolutely new magnetic system geometry. It surpasses the sorting result of conventional eddy current separators and is therefore ideally suited for this fine grain size.


IFE eddy current separator INPx VIOS

The protection of the downstream equipment (shredder + extruder) is guaranteed due to the removal of the foreign components.

The ferrous and non-ferrous fractions, which are generated within the process, can be sold to the scrap trading industry or supplied to the in-house metal processing plant.

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