Screening of lignite

Where conventional screening machines become blocked or stuck, special screening machines for very demanding tasks are required. This is where the flip-flop screen TRISOMAT from IFE comes into use.
The TRISOMAT consists of two moving frame systems, on which cross beams are mounted. Flexible screen panels fitted onto these crossbeams are tightened and loosened alternately via the frame movements.
High acceleration forces prevent the screen deck becoming blocked up or sticking.
The special motion of both frame systems means that three different oscillatory movements are produced on the external frame:
  • Circular movement in the feed area – rapid material break-up, high feed rates, even with challenging materials.
  • The linear movement in the central area ensures optimal contact between the material and screen mesh resulting in efficient screening!
  • Elliptical movement against the direction of conveyance results in improved material destratification and ”near-size“ screening.
The flip-flop screen TRISOMAT thus ensures an optimal classification of difficult to screen, sticky or moist materials - from dripping ash from waste incineration, to coal, to compost and waste wood. The typical feed particle size is between 2–20 mm.
In a Czech coal processing plant with a connected power plant, eight IFE flip-flop screens for the screening of fraction "nut 2" as well as coarse dust from lignite went into operation. The feed particle size of the 2 x 5.4 m machines is between 10–25 mm, the cut points are in the range of 2–12 mm. Grain class "nut 2" is supplied to various small customers while the coarse dust is transported on to the cogeneration plants.
The high demands that were placed on the screening machines, above all for this project, were fully met thanks to previous intensive material tests. In the first expansion stage, the installation of four screening machines was initially carried out. After the appropriate period of operation, compliance with the required parameters was confirmed again. This was followed by the installation of four further IFE flip-flop screens.
For more than 70 years IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH has been dealing with the construction of machines for bulk material handling. So IFE offers the necessary know-how to guarantee optimal and continuous classification even under difficult conditions. Because for the further use of coal, the highest possible purity can be decisive!
Further information on the IFE flip-flop screening technique:

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