The Future of Recycling

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New and rapidly changing material compositions as well as shrinking product sizes, combined with higher collection costs, present the recycling industry with major challenges. In addition, the increased use of plastics in all substance groups is to be expected in the future, and thus the metallic materials will be further displaced. A major change for metal recycling could occur if, in the course of electromobility and lighter-weight bodies, substantial parts of future automobiles are made of composites rather than metal. The processing of diverse plastic fractions will thus become an indispensable task for European waste management companies.*1
In addition, the new EU recycling package increases the pressure on sorting facilities. By 2030, all plastic waste is to be recyclable. The negotiated waste package stipulates that there will be a uniform method for the calculation of quotas in the future. The parties have also agreed on the level of recycling rates for municipal and packaging waste.
However, there is a risk that waste disposal companies could be literally flooded with large quantities of plastic waste if sorting should increase to a drastically high extent (packaging waste increase from 36% to 55%).*2
Especially considering that the export of plastic waste is becoming increasingly difficult. The Chinese government imposed an import ban on 24 types of waste – including paper and plastic waste – which is already having an effect. According to market reports, plastic imports from Germany are said to have already declined by two-thirds. As a result, there could be a large oversupply of discarded plastics on the European market for which there is currently insufficient sorting capacity.*3
Sorted preparation is a prerequisite for the recycling. IFE special products have long been a constant in recycling and environmental technology. In screening but also in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation sector, the right selection of suitable processes is a key success factor.
IFE is the only manufacturer offering complete solutions in the product areas of conveying, screening and magnet technology. IFE supplies custom solutions for the processing of a wide variety of waste types.
At the IFAT 2018, the world's leading trade fair for sewage, water, waste and raw materials management, held from May 14-18 in Munich, you’ll have the opportunity see our unique and convincing solutions yourself.

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