Upcoming retirements

Two workaholics say goodbye

88 years at IFE - Franz Humpel & August Kefer.
88 years at IFE - Franz Humpel & August Kefer.

After many years of faithful membership to the IFE-family, two dedicated employees leave the company for their well-deserved retirement.

  • Franz Humpel, Head of Coordination in the Production department, leaves IFE after 43 years.
    In future Gerhard Überlacker takes over his position.
  • August Kefer, Head of Logistics, says goodbye to IFE after 45 years.
    His farewell results in following restructuring:
    The position of the Head of Logistics is taken over by Harald English. His position in the purchase is replaced by Roland Kefer, who has been in the company since April 2016.


Dear Franz,
Dear August,

THANK YOU for the good cooperation, for your hard work and your commitment in the numerous years you accompanied IFE. We wish you all the best for your retirement. Enjoy the new phase of life – you deserve it!

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