Vibrating feeder with unbalanced drive

for conveying of bulk material

IFE vibrating feeders with unbalanced drive are used for bin extraction and for conveying of bulk material. Specifically designed for use to convey for longer distances and are also suitable for conveying material with low density. The vibrating feeders are manufactured in a welded design, driven by two IFE unbalanced motors or for heavy duty applications by IFE exciter drives.


  •  vibrating conveyors with levelled trough
  •  nominal length up to 10000 mm
  •  nominal width up to 4000 mm
  •  driven by IFE-unbalanced or exciter drive
  •  drive underneath or above trough
  •  wear plates according to clients specification
  •  control of feedrate by IFE - control unit including frequency converter
  •  available for heavy duty applications


vibrating conveyorswith levelled trough
nominal lengthup to 10000 mm
nominal widthup to 4000 mm
drivenby unbalanced motors or IFE exciter drive
drive placementunderneath or above trough
wear platesaccording to clients specification
control of feedrateby IFE control unit including frequency converter
for robust requirementsheavy duty applications available


Iron and Steel works

Production of all types of metals


Coal mining and coke production


Production of ferrous and non-ferrous castings

Sand and Gravel

Includes gravel, sand, industrial minerals


Production of building materials such as lime, mortar and plaster

Glass and Ceramics

Production of glasses of primary and secondary raw materials (e.g. recycled glass)

and various other industries

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One feeder for all applications

IFE-vibrating feeders are designed and manufactured specifically to the application. Based on clients demand a wide variety of versions are available: 

  •  wear plates of steel, plastics, ceramics, special material, cladded plates, ...
  • stationary or vibrating dust cover
  • material inlet chutes combined with slide gates
  • for feeding of hot material, optionally including cooling appliances for cooling of material
  • design as distributing feeder for downstream equipment

Heavy duty feeder

IFE heavy duty feeders with exciter drive are ideally used for very high feedrates, and perform well in harsh conditions. Available in large machine dimensions and manufactured with robust materials. Typical applications involve crusher feeding, logistics and as distributors for downstream screening machines with high feed rates.

References & Industries

Iron and Steel works

Machines:FI, NL, RU, SI, IT, US

Sand and Gravel

Machines:BE, HU, FI, IT, TW

Food and feed

Machines:SI, SK, HU, CZ

Recycling and Waste

Machines:CA, CH, PL, PH

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