Clean Scrap Magnet - Permanent

for cleaning metal scrap

Scrap is feed to the belt conveyor by means of a vibratory feeder. The conveyor transports the material to the permanent magnetic pulley, whose magnetic field attracts the ferrous particles. The trajectories of ferrous particles therefor are shortest, whereas non-ferrous material or compounds have wider flightpaths. This will create serperation of materials off of the magnet.


  • constant scrap quality without impurities
  • additional income from copper fraction
  • maximized feed rate
  • robust and reliable
  • low Capex
  • low Opex


nominal width500 to 2500 mm
variable belt speed2 to 10 m/s
machineincluding IFE vibrating feeder with unbalanced motors and acceleration chute


Incineration scrap

Scrap from the incineration of MSW

ELV scrap

Scrap from end-of-life vehicles


Scrap from waste electrical and electronic equipment

Recycling and Waste

Includes municipal and commercial waste, building site remains, scraps, light packaging and landfill remediation

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Meatballs - seperated easily

Steel melt shops accept scrap with a maximum limit of impurities. A big issue are "meatballs", which are compounds of iron/steel and copper, e.g. motors or transformers. These meatballs must be handpicked out of the scrap stream. The CSMP separates those compounds automatically and produces a clean ferrous fraction and a concentrate of impurities incl. meatballs. Manual handpicking can thus be reduced to a minimum by using this Technology.

References & Industries

Recycling and Waste

Machines:US, AT

Slag processing


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