Eddy Current Separator INP with eddy current bar

efficient non-ferrous metals separation

IFE eddy current separators are used to separate non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, brass, etc.) from bulk material of all kinds. 

The special model IFE ENOS is used to: 

  • removal of non-ferrous particles from bulk streams 
    (plastic fractions, cable scrap, etc.)
  • generation of non-ferrous concentrates
    (e.g. WEEE, incineration slag, non-ferrous granules)
  • separate conductors from each other
    (e.g. copper-lead granules)


The operating principle

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Eddy current barpositioned in the head pulley - no rotating magnetic drum - excellent separation results due to a spotty acting force for the reduction of particle scattering
Pole changing frequencybetw. 1 and 2 Hz
Belt speed2 to 4 m/s
Qualitysignificantly higher throughput rates at simultaneously high recovery of non-ferrous particles
High magnetic flux density750 - 850 mT at the belt surface


Iron and Steal works

Production of all types of metals

Recycling and Waste

Includes municipal and commercial waste, building site remains, scraps, light packaging and landfill remediation

Chemicals and Plastics

Applications in the fertilizer and detergent industry

Slag processing

Handling of Slag from bulk material

and various other industries

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The operating principle

General operating principle of Eddy Current Separators

Conductive particles (aluminium, copper, etc.) are separated from insulators. The eddy currents are induced in conductive particles due to a time-varying magnetic field. This results in repulsive forces. 
Owing to the particularly strong permanentmagnetic field and the high speed of the magnetic rotor, good separation results can be obtained even with small or difficult-to-separate materials.

The material to be separated is transported over the belt conveyor in a single-particle-layer and gets to the area of fast rotating magnetic fields of the head pulley at the discharge side. This induces eddy currents which build up a magnetic field in each particle of non-ferrous metal. The magnetic field opposes the permanentmagnetic field of the magnetic rotor. Therefore a strong impulse is exerted on the parts of non-ferrous metals, throwing these particles off the stream of the conveyed material.

Operating principle of the special Eddy Current Separator INP ENOS
(with eddy current bar)

The INP ENOS is based on a parameterization that is completely contrary to all conventional products, which enables outstanding sorting qualities (e.g. for cable scrap and plastics) as well as the simultaneous separation of stainless steels in one pass (3-product splitter). The high magnetic flux density at the belt surface is in the range of 750 - 850 mT. The use of a special eddy current bar, positioned in the head pulley, eliminates the rotating magnetic drum. This means that maintenance and lubrication intervals can also be extended almost threefold. The spotty acting force  reduces the particle scattering and thus ensures excellent separation results. Furthermore, due to a belt speed of up to 4 m/s, it excels with extremely high throughput rates.

Special functions

  • Separator with optional, automatic splitter adjustment
  • Separation system: available as Fe-NF combination (with IFE magnetic drum in the feeding unit)
  • Three-products-splitter system for stainless-steel-separation (option)
  • Belt-changing apparatus
  • Specially developed belt cleaning system (in-house, option)
  • Automatic lubrication system (option)
  • Control via touch panel
  • Standard belt width up to 3 m
  • Separation of conductors from each other
  • High recovery of fines
  • Almost maintenance-free: three times longer maintenance and lubrication intervals
  • Different belt surface structures according to the input material
  • Most energy-efficient overall system on the market
  • Increased throughput due to high belt speed

References & Industries

Recycling and Waste

Machines:FI, ES, DK, US, AU

Slag processing

Machines:AT, DE

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