Wet drum separator

for reclaiming magnetic particles

IFE wet drum separators are used to regenerate magnetizable media, to extract particles out of suspensions and to concentrate iron ore.
The drum separator maximizes the gain on magnetic media or highest separation of magnetizable particles as a concentrate respectively.


  • optimized separation utilizing multiple pole changes
  • tailor-made magnetic System
  • material feed via calming tank
  • inline flow and counter flow arrangements possible
  • easy setup
  • no maintenance
  • low operating cost


nominal diameter750 mm to 1250 mm
nominal widthup to 3600 mm
design typesingle or double drum
drumwith stainless steel coat or rubber coating
magnetic materialbarium-ferrite or neodymium
additional featuressprinkler and scrubber systems available
optionsfor doubled feed rates available


Iron and Steal works

Production of all types of metals

Sand and Gravel

Includes gravel, sand, industrial minerals

Recycling and Waste

Includes municipal and commercial waste, building site remains, scraps, light packaging and landfill remediation


Mining applications, opencast and underground mining for all kinds of ores

Slag processing

Handling of Slag from bulk material

and various other industries

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IFE demagnetization coil EMS

If ferromagnetic material such as FeSi or magnetite are exposed to a magnetic field, some remanent magnetism remain causing flakes to be generated out of the fines. IFE demagnetization coils are used to prevent the generation of such flakes. A typical application is a swim-sink-system, where regenerated heavy media shall be reused.

Variants with higher throughput

Based on the application and material tests wet drum separators in special design for highest throughputs are selected by IFE specialists. In certain cases doubled feedrates are achievable.

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Recycling and Waste

Machines:FI, BE, AT


Machines:FI, AT, DE

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