Vibrationsförderrohr mit Unwuchtantrieb

Vibrating tubular feeder with unbalanced drive

Conveyor technology

for conveying of bulk material

IFE vibrating tubular feeders with unbalanced motors are used for bin extraction and for conveying of bulk material. These units are extremely effective when used to convey dusty material. Inlet and outlet can be sealed off by means of elastic sleeves. The vibrating tubular feeders are manufactured in a welded design, driven by two IFE unbalanced motors.

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tubular body exchangeable
cleaning opening as required
cleaning opening as required
application-specific inlets and outlets
application-specific inlets and outlets
flaps attachable
flaps attachable
Product Highlights.



IFE-vibrating tubular feeders are designed and manufactured specifically to the application. Based on clients demand a wide variety of versions are available: 

  • tube made of mild or wear resistant steel, stainless or acid-proof steel
  • multiple inlet and outlet nozzles possible
  • manually or automatically operated slide gates
  • feeder available on swivel frames for optimized material distribution
  • bolted design for easy exchange of tube
  • long distances covered by stringed together feedershre

Reliable due to quality

IFE-unbalanced motors made of high-grade components have reliably run for decades in vibrating conveying systems. A rigid motor shaft and roller bearings with long lifetime allow for permanent operation of the motors, even in harsh conditions.
The standard design allows for protection class IP66 according to EN60529 and includes a thermistor. IFE-unbalanced motors are available in 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-pole design. This broad variety allows for an optimized selection according to the specific application requirement.

Vibrationsförderrohr mit Unwuchtantrieb
Vibrationsförderrohr mit Unwuchtantrieb


totally encapsulated tube with inlet and outlet nozzles
nominal length up to 10000 mm
nominal diameter up to 475 mm
unlimited conveying distances feeders can be stringed together
driven by unbalanced motors
drive placement underneath or above tube
tube material according to clients specification
control of feed rate by IFE control unit including frequency converter



  • long feeder lengths achievable
  • high feedrate
  • dustproof
  • low electric power consumption
  • low maintenance
  • long lifetime
  • silent operation
  • perfect to combine with other IFE-products


Production of ferrous and non-ferrous castings


Production of glasses of primary and secondary raw materials (e.g. recycled glass)


Applications in the fertilizer and detergent industry


Includes municipal and commercial waste, building site remains, scraps, light packaging and landfill remediation


Production of all types of metals


Includes gravel, sand, industrial minerals


Application examples

References & Industries

Sand and gravel

196 Machines in AT, PL, FIN, HU, BA

Recycling industry

102 Machines in AT, GER, S

Steel and metallurgical plants

84 Machines in AT, GER, USA, S, FIN

Plastics production

50 Machines in AT, IL, HU, BE, SVN