Banana screen

special screen for highest performance

Compared to conventional screens, the IFE banana screen can handle a two to three times higher specific feed rate. These screens are best used when there is an increased feed rate or when the capacity must be very high.
IFE banana screens are used for material with a high content of fines.


  • highest specific feedrate - two to three times higher than with conventional linear motion screens
  • best suitable for material with high content of fines
  • robust, torsion-resistant construction
  • single or double deck design
  • bolted and glued design


design typesingle or double deck screen
nominal lengthup to 11000 mm
nominal widthup to 5000 mm (single deck screen)
nominal widthup to 4000 mm (double deck screen)
screen deckmultiple inclinations possible
drivenby IFE exciter drive (seven sizes available)


Iron and Steel works

Production of all types of metals


Coal mining and coke production

Sand and Gravel

Includes gravel, sand, industrial minerals

Chemicals and Plastics

Applications in the fertilizer and detergent industry


Mining applications, opencast and underground mining for all kinds of ores


Includes all materials of the refractory industry

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Inclination of deck - individually optimized

The basic idea of the IFE banana screen is based on the varying inclination of the screen mats. This results in adequate speeds of the material and a low thickness of feed material at the inlet. Fines are screened immediately in the first section of the screen.

Heavy duty screen frame - weight that moves

34,100 kg of oscillating weight moves in the biggest IFE banana screen built to date. These screens are designed for years of service in hte harshest of conditions. Starting in the design, only the most robust and torsion resistant frames are used, forming the basic construction of the screen. The sidewalls are made of a single sheet and the frame (side walls and cross beams) is bolted and glued, avoiding weaknesses or tensions in the metal that may be caused by welding.

Exciter drive - the robust alternative

IFE exciter drives from our own production are manufactured using first-class components and  feature maximized lifetime of the bearings. Decades of experience in designing these screens results in optimized and adequate excitation and maximized efficiency. The screen can be accelerated up to 6g and still boast bearing lifetimes of 100.000 hours or more. Highest reliability, even in harsh conditions, is the proven result.

References & Industries

Iron and Steel works



Machines:GB, AU, JP, IT, KR, PL

Sand and Gravel

Machines:AT, NO



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