Fine sorting system IFE-SORT

separation of fine bulk material

IFE-SORT is a density separator based on fluidbed technology for fine, dry material. This air sorting table uses a combination of vibration and airfluid technology to create the separation process. Heavier particles are conveyed against gravity, whereas lighter particles are floating on the fluidbed and slide downwards.
Applications include recycling and processing of secondary raw material. The SORT is also applicable in the  wood, food and mining sectors for separation of dry materials.


  • all physical aspects are adjustable, providing a very wide range of applications, including very fine material
  • high feed rates resulting in low operational cost
  • maximized concentrations
  • short payback


standard designconsists of basic apparatus with perforated screen plate, driven by IFE unbalanced motors and a fan
nominal width600 or 1000 mm
easy adjustmentof angle and amplitude of vibration, inclination, speeds, etc.
control cubicleIP 55 with frequency converter for drives and fan


Glass and Ceramics

Production of glasses of primary and secondary raw materials (e.g. recycled glass)

Food and feed

Production and processing of bulk materials of the food and feed industry, from powder to pellet

Recycling and Waste

Includes municipal and commercial waste, building site remains, scraps, light packaging and landfill remediation


Production of wood chips, pellets, fiber board

Chemicals and Plastics

Applications in the fertilizer and detergent industry

Slag processing

Handling of Slag from bulk material

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A versatile system

IFE-Sort allows for various adjustment and is therefore a versatile fine sorting system. All parameters can be adjusted individually, either manually or electrically, to optimize the separation results.

References & Industries

Recycling and Waste

Machines:AU, GB, CH, PL, NL



Slag processing


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