Impairment of our supply chains due to the Ukraine conflict

Dear business partners!

the current crisis triggered by the Ukraine conflict presents us with unprecedented challenges. Our raw materials, if they are available at all, experience tremendous price increases in a temporal dynamic that reduces every calculation to absurdity.

Therefore, we see ourselves forced to take the following measures:

1. The price validity of all our offers will be cancelled. Offers are made with daily rates only.

2. For all new orders, we reserve the right to adjust the actual transfer price to the current price situation until the goods are ready for delivery. It will be linked to the wholesale price index for iron and steel published by the WKO (Austrian Chamber of Commerce). The price changes indicated by the index will affect the order value by 50 %.

3. All information regarding delivery time becomes only valid upon order confirmation. Previous statements are only indicative. A comprehensive check of availability is only carried out after the order has been received.

We hope that the current uncertainties on the market will decrease again very soon and that the supply chains will find their way back to their usual procedures as quickly as possible. We will withdraw the measures described above as soon as possible.

With best regards,
your IFE material handling team

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