LKAB counts on heavy duty feeder and screening equipment from IFE


Heavy duty feeding equipment

In LKAB's ore facilities many heavy duty vibrating feeders from IFE Aufbereitungstechnik GmbH are used . The first electromagnetic feeders with stepless capacity control as discharge units of bunkers were supplied in 1975 and they are still in use. 

High quality machinery, professional operation and first class maintenance are leading to lowest operating costs and highest availability over decades. Electromagnetic feeders are part of IFE''s core product range since the beginning of the company's history. What makes them stand out is the fact that they are operating without any additional lubrication of the drive unit. The unique vibration mechanism allows on-spot of bulk material for any dosing and weighing application. Immediate start and stop of the feed combined with several options of remote control allow the integration in any plant automation system.

LKAB's range of IFE machines was later supplemented by numerous large heavy duty screens and heavy duty feeders with unbalanced exciters. Examples range from a 3 000 mm wide heavy duty feeder nourishing LKAB’s primary crusher with bulk magnetite ore (0 - 1 000 mm) to heavy duty feeders transporting the crushed ore to elevators. 50 mm thick wear plates and machine weights up to about 27 500 kg fulfill the demand of long maintenance intervals and highest operation availability.  

These facts prove, that IFE machines are the best choice in the challenging environment of underground mining.

Screening equipment

The screening of material is the basis for high quality end products and leads to a highly stable process flow and optimal preparation of the material for downstream equipment. 

In the ore sorting facilities of Kiruna, single and double deck vibrating screens with unbalance exciters have been in use since 1995.

Additionally, in 1998, IFE delivered six harbor screens for the final screening of LKAB's high quality iron ore pellets in Narvik. These huge double deck screens with a total screening area of 52.5 m² per screen provide a final screening area of 315 m² before the ships are loaded with thousands tons of this material per hour.

LKAB puts great emphasize on professional, domestic support in every project stage, which is guaranteed by IFE´s local partner IFE System AB (Sweden) at all times - including for example first ideas, the delivery of the final machine as well as after-sales service.

“Reliable machines running since decades, local support and close communication create a unique relationship.”

Stefan Tano, production manager at LKAB


Luossavaara-Kiirunavaara AB (publ), which is abbreviated to LKAB, is an international high-tech mining and mineral group that mines and processes Norrbotten's unique iron ore for the global steel market. LKAB is one of Sweden's oldest industrial companies.