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Russian raw coal producer relies on Austrian screening technology


AO “Stroyservis”

The raw coal producer AO “Stroyservis” is one of the largest Russian companies manufacturing valuable coking coal. The products are supplied to the largest Russian metallurgical plants and coke-chemical enterprises to produce high quality coke and to serve as pulverized coal fuel in blast furnaces.

Moreover AO “Stroyservis” is one of the ten largest producers of thermal coal in Russia. The products are supplied domestically to leading electric power companies, metallurgical and cement plants as well as enterprises providing housing and community amenities.

In 2018, almost 12 million tons of coal were delivered to customers (which is 21.1 % more than in 2017). Coal sales within the domestic market increased in 2018 by 25 % to 8.4 million tons of coal, export sales rose by 8 % to 3.5 million tons of coal.

Wet processing of raw coal

Due to the high demand, AO “Stroyservis” has increased its capacities from 3 million tons of material to 5.5 million tons in the last few years. However, in order to continue to achieve excellent screening results with a simultaneous increase in plant throughput, the operator decided to replace the previously installed separators with screening technology from IFE.

From now on, four IFE banana screens with a water spray system will be used for the wet classification of raw coal. The task of the screens, which weigh more than 18 t and owe their name to their curved shape, is to wash off the magnetite suspension and to pre-drain it before the centrifuges. Compared to conventional screens, the IFE banana screen can handle a two to three times higher specific feed rate.

The machines are driven by robust unbalanced exciters, which have proven to be the ideal drive for large and heavy machines.

In addition, the critical main dimensions remained the same. So the interfaces to the existing support points and main steel structures could be maintained. To ensure that the new machines would achieve the higher throughput, the acceleration force of the screens was designed to reach 5 - 6 g. This enables the handling of higher loads without changing the overall dimensions of the screen surface.

In addition, the screens are equipped with IFE's reliable and innovative air suspension system, which helps to reduce the dynamic forces that are transferred to the existing steel structure. Thus safe operation of the screens even with very high acceleration is guaranteed.

High-quality all-round service

AO “Stroyservis” could rely on the professional support of IFE in every phase of the project - from the first ideas through the dimensioning and design up to the delivery of the screens.

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