AEROSELECTOR Brantner Außenaufnahme



Compost processing at the highest level

Composting plant operators face major challenges. Plastic films and other contaminants are increasingly ending up in organic waste. Growing quality demands of customers and legal tightening with regard to impurities in compost are opposed to this. With the AEROSELECTOR, IFE offers a revolutionary solution that fulfills this processing task.

“With the AEROSELECTOR, huge amounts of unusable screen residues can be avoided and yield drops in ready-for-sale compost can be prevented. And all this in just one work cycle,” reports Helmut Tröbinger, Global Sales Director at IFE, proudly. Last year, a sophisticated solution was found, which has recently become an integral part of the IFE environmental technology portfolio.

Innovation from practice

Wind sifting, ballistic and magnetic separation as well as screening in one stationary machine – with this combination, all important fractions

  • plastic films
  • stones
  • structured material
  • roots
  • metals
  • ready-for-sale compost

can be efficiently extracted from the raw compost in just one cycle.

Benefits for yield and environment

A considerable throughput, compact design and high efficiency are just a few of many advantages of compost processing with IFE. The low power consumption and the reduction of transport routes make the energy balance of the AEROSELECTOR almost unbeatable. In case of changing material properties, specific adjustments can also be made from the wheel loader during operation. The machine is adapted to the requirements of the respective composting plant. In this way, it can be seamlessly integrated into existing processes.


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More detailed information on how the AEROSELECTOR works can be found here.

Convincing results

At last year's International Practitioners' Day of Composting (IPT), the host company, Brantner Österreich GmbH, proudly presented the pilot plant, which remained there at the newly opened Erdenreich (soil empire) for compost processing. Since then, the system, consisting of a feeding hopper, a conveyor belt, the IFE Variomat and the AEROSELECTOR, has delivered extremely satisfactory results.

In the period from end of September 2021 to mid-April 2022, the IFE Variomat was used to obtain almost 61 % of ready-for-sale compost from 7 697 tonnes of raw compost. Thanks to the AEROSELECTOR, the screen residues could be separated into 34 % structural material, 3.7 % stones and 1.3 % films.

Now the first production plant – with the core unit IFE AEROSELECTOR – moved in with Brantner Österreich GmbH on 24 May 2022. Thanks to some adjustments, the compost processing could be adapted even more specifically to their requirements. The head pulley of the first conveyor belt, which is designed as a magnetic drum, enables additional magnetic separation. The use of ballistics enables an early separation of a coarse stone fraction between the first and second conveyor belt, which contributes to the protection of the PU screen coverings of the Variomat and ensures a higher separation efficiency at the second stone trap. A larger feeding hopper with 25 m³ reduces the loading frequency and thus frees up the wheel loader.