Markus Farfeleder

Behind the scenes


an interview with service technician Markus Farfeleder!

At IFE, Markus Farfeleder is considered a reliable, expert service technician. In an interview, he describes what this occupation entails and provides tips for seamless machine operation.


The job of a service technician at IFE is technically highly demanding, as it requires skills in electrics, electronics as well as mechanics. Seven service technicians in total install, service, repair and modernize all machines from the conveyor, screening and magnetic technology portfolio of IFE.
The variety is enormous: it spans from small feeders for dosing chemical fertilizers to heavy-duty screening machines for mining as well as magnetic separators for removing tramp iron parts.

What do you enjoy most about your duties as a service technician?

This career is highly varied and it gives me the opportunity to travel to the many different corners of the world. I never get bored. There are also the different technical requirements you have to deal with. And of course, payment is attractive too! :-)

What kind of job training is required?

I'm a trained automotive mechanic, but qualified metal workers and mechanical engineers can also pursue a career as a service technician at IFE.

What personal skills and characteristics does this job demand?

Enjoying solving technical problems, a very good command of English and an affinity for working independently are essential. In many cases, you are initially alone when you arrive on site. It's also important to have a sympathetic ear for customers and to engage those people in conversation.
In addition, many assignments are done on short notice and require the readiness to travel to the affected plant as quickly as possible. For this reason, schedules often change multiple times. This isn’t a problem for me because I love the variety.
But it isn't all about mental abilities. This job is also physically demanding because you're on your feet much of the time and often have to get into unusual positions to reach the required machine parts.

News article "Copper processing in Mongolia" reports on the successful use of IFE solutions at ERDENET Mining Corporation SOE in Mongolia. You have been recently on site for this project. What tasks did you take care of there?

Most recently we have delivered linear vibrating screens for copper processing to this customer. However, due to the limited travel options during the corona pandemic the customer took care of the installation. Now, as we were allowed to travel there again, the assembly of these devices should be checked. The other IFE machines operating there were also inspected on this occasion. I made some adjustments and gave the team on site some advice. Furthermore, I installed oil coolers on two IFE magnetic separators to further increase the output rate by lowering the temperature.

It's always a good feeling for me to be able to personally convince myself of the flawless performance of the machines.

In your view, what are the three most important things to consider when a malfunction occurs?

Please describe the error as precisely as possible! It's also important to write down all affected parameters and to have the serial number and other information on the name plate available. Photo documentation of the affected area is also very helpful and saves a lot of time.

Do you have any final tips for the best ways to protect machines from interferences?

Thorough maintenance and cleaning as well as a check of various wear parts should be performed at the pre-defined intervals as stipulated in the included Operating and Installation Instructions. In many cases, it is also helpful to inspect the machines regularly to successfully prevent complications.


Thank you for giving us insights into the exciting and challenging duties of a service technician!
Take care and all the best with your job!