Gießereien verlangen wärmebeständige Maschinen von IFE


IFE units for rough operating conditions

Customized vibratory and magnetic technology

The harsh foundry environment requires robust, heat-resistant and reliable products. There is a variety of applications within the foundry, as well as individual customer processes that require tailormade solutions. For these customer-specific requirements, IFE – with decades of experience – supplies individual machines as well as complete solutions consisting of charging feeders, sand and casting coolers, shake-out grids, fluid bed systems, spiral elevators and other special machines of vibratory and magnetic technology.


Robust & reliable

Harsh working and environmental conditions require robust and durable machines that can withstand daily foundry work.

From a single source

IFE not only supplies machines for individual applications, but also covers the entire range of foundry needs with it's variety of machine solutions. 

Customized solutions

Individual customer processes require tailor-made solutions. IFE develops the perfect solution according to customer needs. 

Decades of experience

IFE has been supplying the foundry industry for decades and has thus been able to acquire extensive industry and application know-how.

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Shake-out grid
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Vibrating feeder
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Casting cooler
Sandkühler Maschinenaufnahme
Sand cooler
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IFE machines process among others

14-tons shake-out grid for foundry technology

For 20 years the old IFE shake-out grid had been in operation. The customer was satisfied with the IFE machine technology and ordered a replacement machine.
This shake-out grid, driven by two unbalance shafts, is used to unpack foundry sand from molding boxes. It is used by the customer in 24/7 operation.

Foundry machines in aluminum processing

Special machines from the foundry industry conquer new markets. By relying on our wealth of experience gathered over decades and pairing it with continuing innovation, we find new approaches to successfully make proven machine solutions available to other industries.