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Spiral elevator

Conveyor technology

for vertical transport of fine bulk material

The spiral conveying trough is driven by IFE unbalanced motors arranged oppositely causing a vertical conveying of the bulk material. Inlet and outlet are designed according to customers needs. IFE spiral elevators are used in foundries and in the commodity industries.

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heating and/or cooling coil possible
heating and/or cooling coil possible
wear lining
wear lining
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IFE spiral elevator – application for hot sand

One of the largest IFE spiral elevator was supplied to a Russian foundry. This unit has a total of approximately 5400 kg moving mass that is agitated up the elevaor. The conveying height is 3850 mm with a total height of 5800 mm. The IFE spiral elevator conveys 12 t/h of hot sand vertically upwards – with a footprint of less than 3 m²!

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Wendelförderer Detailaufnahme


transport heights up to 8000 mm
driven by unbalanced motors
base frame made of mild steel or special material


  • robust design
  • may be manufactured in a variety of materials
  • low power consumption
  • low maintenance
  • low space requirement


Production of ferrous and non-ferrous castings


Production of glasses of primary and secondary raw materials (e.g. recycled glass)


Processing of granulates, production residues as well as secondary raw materials such as PET flakes


Processing of scrap metals of all types and origins


Production of all types of metals


Application examples

References & Industries

Scrap industry

14 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL

Recycling industry

7 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL

Glass and ceramics production

3 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL


2 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL