Gussteile Gienanth


Efficient separation of castings from sand

Suitable vibrating and magnetic technology

Series casting and single casting

Series casting or single casting – IFE has the vibrating technology suitable for the separation process. Separation grids perform reliably when it comes to separating up to 400 degrees hot castings from the sand. Casting coolers with mass-compensated drives enable pause and conveying acts in order to enable efficient cooling-off of the casting. Magnetic drum separators pull sprues and spray irons out of the sand to return them to the melting operation. 

Tasks with the material

Types casting

  • Castings bales
  • Castings
  • Sprues

Reliable machines for your preparation tasks in the foundry

 Maschinenfoto von Gusskühler
Casting cooler
Auspackrost Maschinenabbildung
Shake-out grid
Sandkühler Maschinenaufnahme
Sand cooler
Trennrinne Abbildung
Transportrinne Lenkerstrecke Abbildung
Vibrating feeder
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14 Ton Unpacking Grate for Foundry

After 20 years of operation, the old IFE unpacking grate has had its day. The customer is satisfied with the IFE machine technology and ordered a replacement machine. This shake-out grate, driven by two unbalanced shafts, is used to unpack foundry sand from mold boxes and is used by the customer in 24/7 continuous operation.