Glasscherben SWARCO Außenaufnahme

How to convert cullet into high-quality industrial products


IFE devices in use at SWARCO Road Marking Systems

SWARCO Road Marking Systems is one of the leading manufactures of glass beads in the world. As the "birthplace" of the SWARCO group, M. Swarovski GmbH specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality retroreflective glass beads for road marking materials. Industrial grade glass beads for blasting and surface treatment are also produced here.

After more than 50 successful years at the site in Amstetten (Lower Austria), M. Swarovski GmbH has a new home now - the SWARCO Global Glass Beads Technology Center in Neufurth near Amstetten. With state-of-the-art production facilities, new technologies and innovative research, milestone are set here towards customer satisfaction and quality.

Energy efficiency and pollutant reduction are major concerns in the company's production and development work. Research and development put also great efforts into minimizing the ecological footprint of all future SWARCO products.

A reputable Austrian plant manufacturer supplied the new SWARCO Global Glass Beads Technology Center with equipment, including vibrating and magnetic technology from IFE. The starting material for the manufacturing process of SWARCO products are pre-processed glass fractions. The recycling companies supplying the raw material also use vibrating and magnetic technology components from IFE (>>> see news article on waste glass processing).


IFE equipment supports SWARCO in the following areas:

Magnetic technology

In the first section of the plant, tramp iron parts are efficiently separated by a permanent magnetic overband separator. In further stages, several magnetic drum separators and a tubular magnetic chute are installed to protect the downstream units.

Conveyor technology

To guarantee an optimal throughput of the material, SWARCO also relies on nineteen differently IFE vibrating and tubular feeders with corresponding covers. They are used for the metered material feed discharge to downstream aggregates and for transporting material over longer distances. Depending on the application, the feeders and tubes are powered either by electromagnetic drives or unbalanced motors. 

Screening technology

In the area of screening, SWARCO benefits from the profitable properties of three IFE Sizer multi-deck-screens. The glass granules are pre-fractioned on the so called "coarse Sizer", then fed to two "fine Sizers".

Franz Huber, the design engineer entrusted with the the design and planning of the sizers, provides personal insights into this important process step (>>> Link to the Interview)!

Each of the three multi-deck screens weights more than 4 000 kg. Moreover, tehy are mounted using the IFE air spring system. which takes up little space. The granules can now be processed more easily. 

"We are very satisfied with the implementation and the project results. We can fully recommend IFE!"

Peter Steiner, Project Manager at SWARCO

Courtesy of M. Swarovski GmbH.

M. Swarovski Gesellschaft m.b.H., Wipark, 14. Straße 11, 3363 Neufurth, Austria