A new mission for the AEROSELECTOR


Preparation of road sweepings in just one pass

In the compost season 2022, the AEROSELECTOR demo plant in Ammerndorf (near Nuremberg) was used intensively. The local composting plant operator, the AKG Agrar Kompost GmbH, used it in daily operations. In addition, numerous exciting material tests – not only with compost – were successfully carried out with it.

Wind sifting, ballistic separation and screening is a combination that is not only well suited for compost processing. A material test in October 2022 showed that other dry and wet material flows can also be processed with it.

As an example: street sweepings, a material flow from which fractions with high recycling potential can be obtained. Leaves and twigs can be fed into biological waste treatment, gravel fractions can be reused, for example, as grit or in the construction industry.

As known from other material flows, also road sweepings record a growing proportion of impurities.  These consist, for example, of glass, foils and cardboards – classic packaging waste that is carelessly thrown away.

Material test: road sweepings

Input material

For the material test, almost 19 tons of street sweepings were delivered to the AEROSELECTOR demo plant. The grain size ranged from 0 – 300 mm.

Screening Variomat

The first station of the processing line is the IFE VARIOMAT. Already there, almost a third of the feed material could be screened off at a cut point of 12 mm.

AEROSELECTOR Ballistic separation

With the stone trap of the AEROSELECTOR, not only stones of various sizes, but also a considerable proportion of glass and other impurities could be separated.


Leaves and smaller branches could be removed from the material flow with the star screen. This fraction accounted for more than a half of the feed material. After screening, the material can be harmlessly returned to biological recycling.


By means of air separation, foils as well as single leaves could be separated from the material flow.

Screen residue

After processing, the remaining screen residue accounted for only 60 kg. It consisted mainly of larger remaining packaging waste, adhering films, PET bottles, branches, leaves, etc.

In just one pass, the road sweepings could be quickly and efficiently divided into 5 fractions. Most of them can now be recycled and do not have to be sent to landfill or need to be incinerated.

Would you like to learn more about the AEROSELECTOR in compost or road sweeping processing?
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Lukas Wagner

Tel.: +43 7442 515-356
E-Mail: lukas.wagner(at)ife-bulk.com


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In operation for 6 months – the first production plant


In May 2022, the first production plant went into operation at Brantner Österreich GmbH.

In addition to the IFE AEROSELECTOR, it includes:

  • a magnetic drum (designed as a head pulley in the first conveyor belt),
  • another stone trap between first and second conveyor belt,
  • an IFE VARIOMAT and
  • a feed hopper with a capacity of 25 m³.

After 3 months of intensive operation, this video (in German language) was recorded and shows the production plant in full operation.