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Screening technology

doubledeck screen for the recycling industry

The proven design of the upper deck combined with the new resonance system VARIOMAT of the lower deck provide for an extraordinary double deck screen. The screen is driven by the IFE unbalanced shaft and the flexible screen mats of the lower deck are agitated in resonance to the screen frame. This flip-flop design allows for non-clogging screenin

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each beam individually adjustable
each beam individually adjustable
universal flip-flop screen in the lower deck
universal flip-flop screen in the lower deck
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The revolutionary resonance system Variomat consists of individual operating crossbeams, which vibrate in resonance to the screen frame. The mats are therefore stretched and released alternatively without clogging due to high acceleration. Each crossbeam can be adjusted individually and proper operation is guaranteed for all screen deck inclinations, according to the application.

The IFE unbalanced shaft is a well-established and reliable drive for circular motion vibrating screens. The working torque can amount to 19000 kgcm, depending on type. Starting with the optimized design of the first-class roller bearings combined with oil bath lubrication, high reliability and bearing lifetimes up to 80.000 hours of operation can be achieved.

The speed of the unbalanced shaft can be controlled either with a V-belt or infinitely variable using a frequency converter, resulting in a variable adjustment of the amplitude.

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design type double deck screen
upper deck with louvertype panels in cascade arrangement
lower deck with resonance system Variomat
driven by IFE unbalanced shaft
isolation frame to reduce dynamic loads



  • high feed rates
  • almost non-clogging screening at both decks
  • maximized screen openings
  • loosened overfeed
  • individual setup of vibration at lower deck
  • operates at standard inclinations


Production of wood chips, pellets, fiber board


Applications in the fertilizer and detergent industry


Includes municipal and commercial waste, building site remains, scraps, light packaging and landfill remediation


Aufbereitung von Altmetallen aller Art und Herkunft


Production of building materials such as lime, mortar and plaster


Application examples

References & Industries

Sand and Gravel

143 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL

Steel and metallurgical plants

94 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL

Cement production

63 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL

Glass and Ceramics

43 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL