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From raw iron to steel

Diverse steel properties due to variable alloy proportions

Precise dosing by IFE

In the production of alloys, a base material is usually enriched with alloying components to optimize the base material property. Thus, they also form the basis of steel production. By using alloying materials (metal mixtures), the properties of the end product can be decisively influenced. Due to these many different properties, which can be adjusted in steel depending on the alloy, there are almost no restrictions on the use of steel. 
IFE's task is to transport the metals and components required for the production of the alloy and to dose them in demanded quantities. In addition to precise dosing tasks, IFE vibrating feeders also take over the feeding and discharging of the weighing bunker. 

Types of alloys

  • Ferrosilicon
  • Ferromanganese
  • Titanium

Reliable machines for processing alloys