Bunker Austrag Detailaufnahme

Discharge material

Reliable and constant with conveyor technology from IFE

IFE vibratory feeders, tubular feeders, vibrating cones and hopper solutions are already in use for numerous materials. They are adapted to each application and are for example equipped, among other things, with bar grates for loosening up the material or also with special wear protection. This ensures a long service life and constant material discharge, and metering tasks can also be realized in this way.

IFE vibratory feeders ensure constant bunker discharge

Already towards the end of the 1950s / beginning of the 1960s IFE built the first vibratory feeders with electromagnetic drive. We have been involved with the associated hopper design for just as long.

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Conveyor technology

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In the right place at the right time
The vibratory feeders have laid the foundation for the very good reputation that our company has enjoyed for many decades.