Magnetic Technology

Separation through properties

Many years of experience in material handling and highly qualified staff are the major strengths of IFE Aufbereitungstechnik in this area. A wide range of excellent technical solutions make the specific separation of the most diverse materials possible.

Magnetic overband separators

Magnetic overband separators are used to separate tramp iron from any kind of bulk material and are among others ideally suited for:

  • Recover magnetic particles from slag, domestic (MSW) or industrial waste, foundry sand, etc.
  • Protection from damage through tramp iron (crushers, mills, belts, feeders, chutes, screens, …)
  • Magnetic overband separators with discharge belt are used where tramp iron occurs continuously or automatic discharge is required
  • Inline, cross-belt or in specific cases, diagonal installation is possible
  • Best separation results are given, when using inline installation above the head pulley of a belt conveyor in longitudial direction

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Magnetic drum separators

IFE magnetic drum separators are versatile and have proven themselves for the separation of ferromagnetic, but also weak and medium magnetizable materials.

They are used for:

  • Iron separation
  • Enriching products
  • Separation of stainless steel
  • Separation of strong, medium and weak magnetizable fractions
  • Cleaning products
  • Protection of downstream units

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Eddy current separators

IFE eddy current separators are used for separating non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, brass, etc.) from bulk materials of all kinds.

  • removal of non-ferrous particles from bulk streams (biomass, cable scrap, etc.)
  • generation of non-ferrous concentrates (e.g. WEEE, incineration slag)
  • separation of ubc (used beverage cans)
  • separate conductors from each other

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Individual solutions

Further machine types complement the IFE magnetic technology portfolio. These include among others:

  • magnetic plates
  • magnetic roller separators
  • high intensity magnetic separators
  • wet drum separators
  • demagnetizing coils

Through continuous R&D and a wealth of experience, IFE is able to respond to customer-specific requirements. Effective and durable solutions are the result.

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Magnetic separators from IFE

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