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The metal recycling facilities of Clayton County Recycling (CCR) Inc. are located in the Middle West of the USA. They collect, process, recycle and trade both – ferrous and nonferrous metals. Material mainly comes from industrial accounts but also from auto part recyclers and one time opportunities (e.g. steel-constructed buildings).
The resulting processed metal is used by various steel mills and foundries. Each metal recycling step that CCR undertakes is based on gathered experiences and has to fulfill the company’s expectations especially in terms of the maximum benefit. Know-how and state of the art equipment then result in a service that exactly meets the needs of CCR´s customers (

Automotive Shredder Residue processing

In a plant expansion step, CCR was looking for a screening machine that is able to separate Ultra Fines from Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR). In the field of fine screening, conventional screening machines such as linear or circular vibrating screens reach their limits as their screen panels tend to clog under difficult conditions (sticky, moist materials). Special “flip-flop” screens comply with the difficult requirements. The tensioning and loosening of the screen panels produce a self-cleaning effect preventing the screen from clogging.

The necessary know-how for the design and dimensioning of the special screen was provided by IFE together with sales partner SICON AMERICA. IFE’s “flip-flop” screen TRISOMAT designed exactly to CCR´s specific needs was then manufactured in Austria and installed within the plant.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation

CCR also runs the so-called Fines System 1000. It is a compact system with an IFE eddy current separator (INPXS), an IFE magnet drum for ferrous material and an IFE neodymium magnet drum for the light magnetic dirt prior to the INPXS. The INPXS separates Zorba up to 1’’ (25mm).

Screening and Sorting Technology

The material from the above described processing line is then fed to an IFE linear motion vibrating screen to split the balled metals into two different sizes.

Proper screening significantly improves the performance of two Fine Sorting Systems IFE-SORT operating downstream. Both machines are used to separate the balled metals from plastics by density and are connected to a central dust extraction system.

CCR is a company which is not buying equipment based on a special brand name. Machines and solutions need to fit the specific company requirements. IFE and SICON AMERICA provide moreover the performance, reliability and low OPEX CCR is looking for and created thus a basis for this long-standing cooperation. CCR could rely on the professional support of SICON AMERICA in every phase of the project - from the first ideas to the delivery of the different machines up to after-sales services.


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