Rinne Unwuchtmotor

IFE vibrating feeders with unbalanced drive

(Part 2)


for a steady material transport

Vibrating feeders formed the basis of our success. Therefore, we have dedicated a two-part article to them that focuses on customized hopper solutions. The first one dealt with feeders operating electromagnetically. The second offers details about feeders with unbalanced drive.

Around 60 years ago, IFE built the first vibrating feeders with electromagnetic drive and has also equipped many devices with customized hopper solutions ever since (see Part 1)! However, where the size of electromagnetic feeders is not sufficient and a lower dosing range is enough, IFE feeders are provided with an unbalanced drive. We're proud that we can look back at a variety of satisfied customers – the first orders go all the way back to the 1980s.

Comprehensive expertise is a must

In addition to size and dosing, further technical aspects need to be taken into account to ensure successful use. These backgrounds – which have already been described in Part 1 – also apply to unbalanced hopper feeders.

The categorization of the conveyed material and the consideration of other influencing factors are essential – also for the following practical examples.


The picture shows an unbalanced IFE vibrating feeder with a 9 m³ feed hopper in open design.


Here, an illustration of a feeder with unbalanced motors and a 16 m³ feed hopper is presented. Sliding plate forbed depth regulation at the hopper outlet inlcuded.


In this example, an IFE feeder with unbalanced motor and divergating bars at the outlet for separating oversized parts was designed. The feed hopper is 8 m³ large including a sliding plate forbed depth regulation at the hopper outlet.


The image displays an IFE vibrating feeder with unbalanced motors. At the outlet, screen inserts on the bottom remove coarse parts.


The drawing gives an impression of an IFE vibrating feeder with unbalanced motor and divergating bars at the outlet plus a 19 m³ feed hopper. Included are:

  • A sliding plate forbed depth regulation at the hopper outlet and
  • a covered feeder outlet with flexible rubber curtain on the front side. 


Find two different perspectives of an IFE vibrating feeder with unbalanced motor for separating oversized parts – shown complete with a 10 m³ feed hopper with stationary, hydraulically actuated gap-tilting grate.

Another feeder drive from the IFE portfolio for heavy material: the unbalanced exciter

As was the case with feeders with unbalanced motors, the first vibrating feeders with unbalanced exciter were also built in the 1980s. Since 1995, this heavy-duty version has also been powered by exciters manufactured in-house.

The conveying capacity can be regulated by mechanically adjusting the centrifugal weights (unbalanced motor), by installation or removal of additional weights (unbalanced exciter) and by an IFE control unit with frequency converter.

Use cases

Iron ore

The first heavy-duty vibrating feeder with in-house manufactured unbalanced exciters provides a glimpse into the past. It is 3 m wide, 6 m long and powered by three IFE unbalanced exciters type UG60. Total weight: 24.9 tons, plus a counter-vibration frame. Built in 1995 – still in operation!

Non-ferrous metals

Two views of an IFE vibrating feeder with unbalanced exciter and a 7 m³ feed hopper are shown. Plus dust cover.


This is a 3D-representation of a vibrating feeder with unbalanced exciter. Included is a 5 m³ feed hopper and an outlet-side dosing roller.

IFE is your partner in material handling!

Numerous examples make clear that IFE solutions are as individual as the customer requirements.

You too can benefit from our comprehensive and long-standing expertise whenever it comes to planning, designing and manufacturing your customized vibrating feeder! We're your expert partner when it comes to tailor-made solutions for steady material transport and a wide range of other material handling tasks!