AEROSELECTOR Brantner Außenaufnahme
AEROSELECTOR Brantner Außenaufnahme


Environmental Technology

Turns screen overflow into 4 usable fractions

The new Aeroselector combines wind sifting, ballistic separation and screening in one machine. Its throughput but especially its compact design and its efficiency are very convincing.

In professional composting plants this machine already proved itself successfully in separating foils, stones and structural material from the screen overflow. Also other moist and try material mixtures consisting of differently sized fractions can be split up effectively with this solution.

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acceleration belt
acceleration belt
flow channel
flow channel
star screen
star screen
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First a screen or a conveyor belt discharges the humid or dry compost screening residues on an acceleration belt, which takes care of the optimal speed and distribution of the material.

In the transfer area from the acceleration belt to the downstream conveyor belt, an air flow is fed in from below. This removes foils and light goods from the material flow.  The detached foils move along the cover of the wind sifter unit to an edge at which other adhering material can be removed. A suction system then transports the foils e.g. into a separate standard container.

Heavy, small and spherical material falls off the acceleration belt and bounces off the front roller of the next conveyor belt. The conveyor belt now transports the remaining material to a star screen, where elongated, lumpy material (e.g. twigs) is separated from the oversized remaining pieces (e.g. branches).

 Beschleunigungsband Maschinenaufnahme
Sternsieb Maschinenaufnahme
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Product data

Throughput up to 100m³/h
Working width 1200 mm
Outer dimensions 11500 x 2600 x 3000 mm
Power input 45 kW
Weight 7500 kg
Air performance supply air 10500 m³/h
Air performance exhaust air 21000 m³/h


Fractions gained

  • Stones
  • Structural material
  • Foils
  • Screen residue

Combined with an IFE-VARIOMAT and a Magnetic pulley, compost and FE materials can be additionally separated.


  • High throughput
  • Perfectly suited for the integration with existing processing lines
  • No clogging
  • Low maintenance, low cleaning requirements
  • Lifetime of up to 15 years
  • Very energy-efficient
  • Numerous adjustment options - also during operation


Includes municipal and commercial waste, building site remains, scraps, light packaging and landfill remediation


Is it possible to test the AEROSELECTOR?

YES! You can find more information about testing options, costs and yield on

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