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Recycling industry

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Extract valuable materials with high purity and maximize profit

Special solutions for complex problems

The diversity in the composition of waste is the central challenge in processing - whether domestic or commercial waste, whether light construction waste or heavy construction waste, industrial or hospital waste, separatly collected waste or mixed waste. In order to be able to achieve high recycling rates and sufficient purity, the processes must be optimally adapted to the often-changing composition of waste. IFE can draw on experience from more than 20 years of waste processing.



The bearing service life of the IFE waste screens and the IFE-VARIOMAT is particularly long due to the oil lubrication.

Minimized cleaning effort

Due to their advantageous geometry, special solutions, such as louvered coverings, largely prevent material from getting caught and thus ensure reduced cleaning effort during screening.

Customized solutions

The combination of variety and flexible design of our products enables tailor-made solutions.

Advice and know-how

The only constant in waste processing is change. Therefore, accurate research and inquiries about the specific application are our standard.

IFE machines process among others

Important system component for Russian waste treatment facility

As part of a large-scale project for the treatment of household waste in Russia, the largest IFE waste screen (3000 x 8000 mm) will also be installed within the plant.

PET flakes processing

In PET recycling it is necessary to remove all foreign components (e.g. metal closures, labels, incorrect throws) from the shredded PET fraction. If the required raw material is not available in a clean form, the temperature control during the melting process can be endangered or the die of the extruder can clog.

The IFE magnetic technology product range offers a number of suitable technical processes for efficiently separating ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants.