Kompost Störstoffe Detailaufnahme

Separate impurities

Screening and magnetic technology

for efficient removal of impurities

Foils, metals, stones - contaminants can be very versatile. Equally versatile solutions are therefore needed to remove them efficiently and reliably. IFE's customized solutions have already proven their worth in numerous industries.

Impurity removal in compost

In just one pass, the AEROSELECTOR removes impurities such as stones and film from the compost screen residue. The machine shown has been extended by a magnetic belt roller and another stone trap after the first ascending conveyor belt. With the IFE-VARIOMAT in between, moist compost can also be screened.


Screening technology

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We separate big and small
Separating, sieving and classifying substances and mixtures is often the basic requirement of industrial production.

Magnetic technology

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Separation by property
The strength of IFE Aufbereitungstechnik lies in its many years of experience in this field and its highly qualified employees.