IFE Vorabscheider bei Bauschutt im Werk Wopfinger

Sand and gravel

For fine grains and large stones

Robust and reliable

Conveyor, screening and magnetic technology for all purposes

The origins of IFE lie in the field of sand and gravel. Our machines are used in many ways there - for classifying, transporting, dosing, protecting machines and much more. In this challenging environment, which includes the finest grains of sand, sticky soil but also rocks weighing tons, they shine today as much as in the past with their resilience, durability and robustness.



15 years lifetime - IFE machines easily manage that and more.


IFE machines handle chunks with an edge length of up to 1.8 m - a tried-and-tested design and the right wear-resistant lining make it possible.


The material handling technology is valued by many regular customers for this.

Proven for decades

IFE machines have been in use in pits and mines for 70 years.

IFE machines process among others

Construction waste processing

This double deck vibrating grate consists of heavy duty grate sections on the upper deck and flexible wire decking on the lower deck. It is used in mining as well as in construction and demolition recycling