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Flip-flop screen TRISOMAT

Screening technology

for difficult to handle material

The flip-flop screen TRISOMAT is perfectly suited for difficult to handle material. These screens perform outstandingly where the decks of conventional screens clog or stick. 

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3-phase oscillation
3-phase oscillation
lowest dynamic forces
lowest dynamic forces
highest dynamics of the screenings
highest dynamics of the screenings
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Screen crossbeams are fitted on two frames (the external and internal frames respectively) that can be moved together.
Flexible screen panels fitted onto these crossbeams are tightened and loosened alternately via the frame movements. High acceleration forces prevent the screen deck becoming blocked up or sticking. The frame movements are generated by an eccentric drive.
The special motion of both frame systems means that three different oscillatory movements are produced on the external frame:

  • Circular movement in the feed area – rapid material break-up, high feed rates, even with challenging materials
  • The linear movement in the central area ensures optimal contact between the material and screen mesh resulting in efficient screening!
  • Elliptical movement against the direction of conveyance results in improved material destratification and ”near-size“ screening.

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High acceleration being generated by stretching of the screen mats and over expansion of the openings result in almost clog-free screening. Our specialists will assist you to select the optimal screen material and the fixture best suitable for the feed material. The screen decks can be bolted or keyed alternatively. Screen mats can be raised for small cutpoints to provide a side sealing.

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design type single or double deck screen
nominal lenght up to 9600 mm
nominal width up to 3000 mm
driven by IFE unbalanced shaft
side sealing for fine input material
screen decks bolted or keyed alternatively 
PU decks available resistant to microbes, with various cutpoints and various hole shapes



  • high specific feed rate
  • unique 3-phase oscillation
  • minimized clogging and sticking
  • minimized dynamic loads
  • maximized reliability
  • mechanically strained screen mats
  • feed material is accelerated to 50 g at the maximum


Production of glasses of primary and secondary raw materials (e.g. recycled glass)


Mining applications, opencast and underground mining for all kinds of ores


Production of wood chips, pellets, fiber board


Coal mining and coke production


Applications in the fertilizer and detergent industry


Includes municipal and commercial waste, building site remains, scraps, light packaging and landfill remediation


Processing of scrap metals of all types and origins


Production of all types of metal


Includes gravel, sand, industrial minerals


Production of building materials such as lime, mortar and plaster


Application examples

References & Industries

Sand and Gravel

171 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL

Recycling industry

163 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL

Cement production

109 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL


104 Machines in AU, GB, CH, PL, NL